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Iraq 30/09/1942 - 7/7/1943




Under military occupation to guard air force bases and oil supplies (after Anglo-Iraqi War) this would have been a quite posting after 3 years of fighting. Iraq was an import part of the USA Persia supply route to the Soviet Union after that country joined the Allies in 1941.
In October 1942 after battle of Santa Cruz
USS Enterprise was the one operational, but damaged, Allied carrier in the entire Pacific theater. As she retreated from the battle, the crew posted a sign on the flight deck: "Enterprise vs Japan.

We thought Bob was returned to UK because of a severely injured foot and we knew from a few Sunday pre-lunch drinks many tears ago he visited South Africa and New York in WW2 so its most likely this was during his repatriations home. After reading War Diary records of 1 Bn Royal Fusiliers 1939-1944 that he was drafted home as he had served more than 3 years abroad under battle conditions and was entitled to home leave. His service record shows he left Iraq 12/4/43 and arrived Liverpool 8/7/43 and was posted to 11 Bn Royal Fusiliers
For more information see War Diary 1944











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>> Bob didn't travel on Queen Mary either as per its scheduled trips here.
The records of ships used to carry troops to their theatres of operations were destroyed intentionally in 1951. "According to the U. S. National Archives. Thus there is no longer an official record of who sailed on what ship

Robert William Friend 6458484 1/7 (City London Regiment) Royal Fusiliers