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NWE  4/6/1944 - 28/6/1944




Stationed at Kings Lynn, Norfolk 6458484 R W Friend was transferred to 1/6 Queens Regiment end of March 44 because the 11 Bn Royal Fusiliers was disbanded.
Embarked for Normandy at Tilbury Docks on 4th June 44 and disembarked on 9th at Sword Beach as part of 2nd Army UK, 131st Infantry Division.

Queens regiment involved in Battle of Battle of Villers-Bocage  (fighting the infamous Waffen SS Tank Commander Michael Wittman) and on 13 June Bob was lucky to avoid death from a shell. 1/5th and 1/6th Queen's, was to hold Livry as a firm base while other troops passed through. RW Friend Was severely injured from a shell blast and was sent back to UK and the Park Prewett Hospital Basingstoke.
It took Rommel and Wittman to injury Bob in the fight against Nazism.

The allies did not break out of the area around Caen until mid August during Battle of the Falaise Pocket












Documents >> Site of Fusilier RW Friend's landing in France and probable location where he sustained injury near Caen - use date in this link for map details.
>> Above as pdf
>>Video of Normandy with coverage of fighting around BOCAGE showing the area where Bob was injured
>> Slide show of Whitman's tank action around Bocage

Robert William Friend 6458484 1/7 (City London Regiment) Royal Fusiliers