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UK  08/07/1943 - 3/6/1944




Whilst on garrison duty in Iraq we believed Bob sustained a bad foot injury requiring him to be shipped home. This was incorrect see ##

We believe he travelled back to UK via Cape Town and New York (from scraps of information he gave during some Sunday lunch time pub conversations with his daughter Marianne and her boyfriend David). See War Diary 1944 for what we discovered.His regiment were involved in the Italian campaigns till the end of the war but Bob's service record has no mention of this.

In the '40's Holding Battalion were created  to 'hold' men who were awaiting orders after convalescing or postings back to UK and whose regiment was still overseas.

He had a whirlwind courtship since he married long time friend Marie Cox of 18 Quelch House, Brecknock Road Islington in April 1944 only 8 months after being posted back to UK. The Friend's and Cox' lived close to each other and Marianne remembers the two families were not fond of each other.

He was stationed on Isle of Wight so his trips to London would have been brief.

## After reading War Diary for 1943 it is discovered that 6458484 RW Friend was entitled to home leave having served in action abroad for over 3 years being one of the 'Oldest' serving soldiers in the regiment!











Documents >> Bob Friend was always a Royal Fusilier
>> War Diary 43 has information on return voyage to UK (guarding 1000 POW's being sent to USA)

Robert William Friend 6458484 1/7 (City London Regiment) Royal Fusiliers