Robert William Friend 6458484 1/7 Royal Fusilers

1 Battalion 7th Foot (City of London Regiment) Royal Fusiliers
Army Record of Service for 25 Yrs 289 days before colours

War Diaries Jan - Dec 1942 (Nov missing)



Location Event


Mosul RAF Base/Map


Mosul RAF Base


Mosul RAF Base


Mosul RAF Base


Mosul-Al Fatha-Habbaniyah
Moved twice & trained in between (war games)/Map


Habbaniyah - Deir Ez Zur Syria (Persia)/Map


(left last Dec)
Moving & Training/Map




Training then Afrine-DarezZur-AlHasakah ( Hasseteche)/Al-Yaarubiyah(Tell Kotchek)/Map




Missing just know that moved during month to KIFRI


with British PAIFORCE
Training War Games


"Always a Fusilier"
  • 8th Indian Infantry Div

    • 17th Indian Infantry Brigade

      • 1st Battalion Royal Fusiliers

      • 1/5 Gurkha Rifles

      • 1/12 Frontier Force Rifles

JAN Axis fail to capture Moscow. On 11th Japs capture Kula Lumpur. 1st helicopter flies in US. Burma invaded. Rabual battle against Australian troops strat. 1st US forces arrive in UK. 31st Malaysia captured and Singapore now isolated as causeway from Johor cut.
FEB 15th Singapore surrenders. Darwin bombed.
MAR MacArthur in Australia "I shall return"
APR Ceylon attacked by Japs. Malta awarded George X. Doolittle raid on Japan. Princess Elizabeth registers for War Service.
MAY Last US forces surrender in Philippines. Battle of Coral Sea allies score a win (just). Battle of Bir Hakheim North Africa slows Rommel's advance. 1st 1000 bomber raid on Cologne and Jap miny subs attack Sydney Harbour.
JUN Battle of Midway halts Jap advance in Pacific. Japs shell Sydney & Newcastle. Germans launch Case Blue a drive to Southern Russia - threatening Allies in Iraq/Syria
JUL 1st Battle of Alamein stops Rommel's push to Egypt. US 8th Air Force in Europe borrows British planes to raid Netherlands! Anna Frank's goes into hiding. Australian's start Kokoda Track Campaign. Guadalcanal Campaign starts.
AUG Japs defeated at Guadalcanal. Plutonium isolated in Chicago. Battle of East Solomon's. Western Desert battle of Alam El Halfa open
SEP Japs 1st land defeat at Battle of Milne Bay.
OCT Further defeats for Japs at Guadalcanal and USN defeat a Jap fleet of reinforcements heading to island. Battle of Santa Cruz Islands. A tactical Jap victory but a strategic defeat because of irretrievable losses of aircraft and crew in this navy action. US left with just one badly damaged aircraft carrier in Pacific (Enterprise) and the Japs with 2 (Jun'yō and Zuikaku).
NOV 2nd battle of El Alamein forces Rommel to retreat. Operation Torch US & UK troops land in North Africa West Coast. Allies capture Tobruk then Benghazi. French scuttle their fleet at Toulon.
DEC Enrico Fermi initiates 1st chain reaction. Guadalcanal continues.