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Allegations 6458484 R W Friend served with Queens Royal Regiment and/or Queens Royal West Surrey Regiment 1939 - 1947




Queens Royal Regiment Also known as Queen's Royal Regiment (West Surrey)

The 1st Battalion QRR did not see action until 1942 against the Imperial Japanese Army. The 1st Queens fought in the Burma Campaign throughout the war as part of the 33rd Indian Infantry Brigade 7th Indian Infantry Division of the British Fourteenth Army under Lieutenant General William "Bill" Slim.

The 2nd Battalion QRR spent the early years of the war in the Middle East and Syria before also going out to the Far East. They were part of the 16th Brigade, 6th Infantry Division which was later redesignated as the 70th Infantry Division and were involved in Operation Thursday, the second Chindits campaign.

Robert W Friend has no medals for war action in Burma and neither does his service record place him there. Simple as that.
If he fought with QRR how did he manage to court Marie Friend and marry her on 29th April 1944 in London, since during this period his regiment was in the Far East.

Marianne knew her Dad suffered a bad foot injury which is most likely why he was repatriated to UK i from Iraq in July 1943. Myself and Marianne also learnt when having a Sunday pre lunch drink with Bob that he had visited South Africa and also New York. This is most likely when he was on route to UK in 1943 since the voyage from Iraq would have been via convoys running from Middle East to USA via The Cape then to UK.

Arriving back in UK the Royal Fusiliers had all its regiments fighting in Italy until the end of the war so he was assigned to a Holding Regiment (common practice at the time) - No 13 Holding Battalion.

Between May 1945 and Dec 1946 6458484 R W Friend spent time with the Courts Martials Office of Q.R.R. Obviously at wars end the Royal Fusilier regiments would have drafted home and eventually end 1946 he would be back with the 1st batallion. That's all.

The QRR had garrison at Maidstone where was stationed the Indian Army Holding Company, No 13 Infantry Training Centre!! Because of his Indian training from a boy soldier onwards in India and the RF attachment to Indian Army perhaps this was the reason he was placed in No 13 Holding Battalion on return to UK without his regiment. I shall continue to investigate.


In fact I have learnt the reason 6458484 R W Friend was repatriated to UK in 1943 was due to Army Regulations that a soldier was owed time home after completing 4 years active service overseas.











Documents >> No 13 Holding Batallion stationed at Chatham Garrison, Kent (1940)

Robert William Friend 6458484 1/7 (City London Regiment) Royal Fusiliers