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We welcome any comments or information you might have about 6458484 Robert W Friend during his WW2 engagements in North Africa with 1st Bn Royal Fusiliers, then in UK with11th Bn Royal Fusiliers and the Queens Own preparing for Normandy invasion, the frantic days in battle around Sword Beach/Gold Section establishing a beach head and the fighting around Villers-Bocage.

You may have information from a relative and or friend who may have known Bob Friend or may have been involved in some of the engagements that occurred shortly after Normandy Landing and the push to occupy Caern.

If so any scrap of information is welcome and if posted to this web site will be acknowledged if you wish. Please put information in  the form below. If you have any photographs or documents please give us your email address below so we can arrange for transfer of any data.

Or you can email information along with photographs to  6458484rwfriend@gmail.com

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